Xmas Down South: Part 1

In the lead up to Christmas I will be serialising, my dad, Michael S Parer’s book Xmas Down South. The book replicates the look and much of the content from a one-off family book that Damien produced for his parents for Christmas 1939 when they were living in Wau, New Guinea and he was in Melbourne, Australia. It gives an indication of what the Christmas period was like for the middle class of Melbourne at the time. Michael Parer adds a postscript which is the story of  Damien as he was known by the Parer family at large. The book was published in the summer of 1982 by Alella Books. I have not edited the text at all, it is as it appears in the book.

This part is Damien’s one-off family book produced for his parents.

bp-July-2014948-xmas-down-south-original-2-loresbp-July-2014949-xmas-down-south-original-3-loresbp-July-2014950-xmas-down-south-original-4-loresbp-July-2014951-xmas-down-south-original-5-loresbp-July-2014952-xmas-down-south-original-6-loresbp-July-2014953-xmas-down-south-original-7-loresbp-July-2014954-xmas-down-south-original-8-loresbp-July-2014955-xmas-down-south-original-9-loresbp-July-2014956-xmas-down-south-original-10-loresbp-July-2014957-xmas-down-south-original-11-Uncle-WIll-loresbp-July-2014958-xmas down south original-12-loresbp-July-2014959-xmas-down-south-original-13-loresbp-July-2014960-xmas-down-south-original-14-loresbp-July-2014961-xmas-down-south-original-15-loresbp-July-2014962-xmas-down-south-original-16-EDIT-loresbp-July-2014963-xmas-down-south-original-18-loresbp-July-2014964-xmas-down-south-original-20-loresbp-July-2014965-xmas-down-south-original-21_EDIT-lores

End of Part 1.

You can read Part 2 here.


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