Jordi Prats i Bonet Archivist of the Parish of Alella

Over 6 months ago we commissioned Jordi Pratts, the Archivist at the Parish of Alella, to look into our family history. Recently he revealed his report and subsequent material. His work has shed some desperately searched for family facts from which we can build substantially more from.

I was alerted to his skills by Delores San Miguel who had moved to Alella from Melbourne last year.

Jordi speaks Spanish and more importantly can speak, read and write Catalonian. This is important because all our church records at Sant Felieu de Alella are written in Catalonian.

Jordi’s focus was on Pau Parer, his wives Eulalia Bosch and Ignacia Xicola (her death certificate is displayed as the feature image on this page) and their children and families. Not only did Jordi look into the Parer’s, but also the Barbeta’s. This in turn has revealed some facts on the families of Clota, Cabus, Arenas, Burgués, Ferrer, Bosch, Xicola, and Muller.

I did ask Jordi to look at specific people and some specific questions for family myths or mysteries including:

  • Three Parer brothers marrying on the same day in Alella and this shutting the town down for 3 days for the celebrations. Steven had married an Australian who was an alcoholic and died from her excesses and why returning to Alella to lift their spirits the 3 brothers resolved to marry Spanish girls and return to Melbourne. The marriages were in 1878, but I don’t have the exact date.
    The marriages were between:

    • Estevan Juan Josef ” Stephen” Parer y Xicola and Josefa “Josine” Clota
    • Felipe (Felio) Jose Javier “Phillip” Parer y Xicola and Rosa Josefa Maria (Tia Rosetta) Parer – yes his cousin
    • Juan Miguel Jose “Johnny” Parer y Xicola and Teresa Margarita Maria Burgues y Ferran
  • Potential duelling death of Salvador Barbeta y Parer. This may not be true, but there are rumours of it and I’d like to verify this one way or the other.
  • The death and marriage record of Rosa Francisca Theresa Parer and Bosch who married Miguel Barbeta.

All these questions and more have been answered.

Jordi has provided much evidence in the form of attached :

  • Births
  • Marriages
  • Deaths
  • Wills
  • Guilds

He provided further material including a GEDCOM file which for those that aren’t aware is a transportable format for viewing a family tree and subsequent facts.

Jordi’s report


Antonio Parer y Bosch

The first person in the Parer family that we find in the parochial (church) archives of Alella is Rosa Parer Bosch, born in 1824, but from the data obtained we can extract the information that had an older brother (Antonio Parer) who was probably born in the so-called Barrio de Mar de Alella, which is currently the town of El Masnou, adjacent to Alella. In this town of El Masnou the parish archives were burned during the Spanish Civil War. This Antonio Parer was the first child of the marriage between Pau Parer and Eularia Bosch, called in Catalonia “l’hereu” (heir) and was the one who, at the death of the father of the family, received the house and most of the family’s assets. Pau Parer was originally from the town of Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda, whose archives also disappeared during the Spanish Civil War. Pau Parer married in second nuptials with Ignacia Xicola from the town of Vallromanes.

Rosa Parer y Bosch & Miguel Barbeta y Monràs

From the research carried out, Rosa Parer Bosch, who married Miquel Barbeta Monràs, was the godfather of Eularia Parer Xicola, born in 1847 and half sister to the previous one.

Miquel Barbeta also sponsored Miquel Parer Arenas, born in 1859. It is noteworthy that the previous marriage was in the second marriage of Miquel Barbeta, because his first wife (Rosa Rovira) died after childbirth.

Parer’s to Australia

Josep Parer Bosch (1829) and Francisco Parer Xicola (1835) were the stepbrothers who marched to Australia but, according to the Alella Magazine, before they went through America where they spent several hardships and boarded a ship to return to their hometown. However, this ship, which they boarded paying their passage with tasks they did on the ship, was stopping at various ports and arriving in Sydney, tired and exhausted decided to disembark waiting for another boat to take them directly to the port from Barcelona. There they began to earn some money selling oranges and other fruits, as well as donuts and other typical Catalan pastry products. Then they traded with chickens that brought them greater benefits and before the economic growth they were experiencing, other brothers embarked towards Australia.

They were the brothers Esteve Parer Xicola (1838), Feliu Parer Xicola (1840) and Juan Parer Xicola (1845). Throughout the years, the whole Parer family moved to Australia, including “l’hereu” of the Can Sors mill, Antonio Parer Bosch.

It is due to the emigration of the family to Australia that the last parish registers that appear in Alella refer to the Parer Arenas family. The last recorded birth is Esteban Parer Arenas (1871) and the death of Josefa Parer Arenas (1865).

The triple marriage in Alella

The last marriages are those of brothers Esteban, Juan and Feliu, who returned to marry on the same day, 13 October 1878.

  • Esteban, 40 years old widower, with Josefa Clota Colomer (18 years old);
  • Juan, 33 years old, with Teresa Burgués Ferrant (22 years old); and
  • Feliu, 37 years old, with Rosa Parer Arenas (21 years old).

There is no record in the archives of the subsequent celebration of these marriages.


The first Barbeta of which there are data in the parish archive of Alella is about Maria Barbeta, born in 1703, daughter of Joan and Gertrudis Mombrú, and records in this town until 1895. This first family of Alella will create another family branch in the population of Tiana, also near Alella. Tiana, with the marriage on 04/18/1772 between Anton Barbeta, son of Miquel Barbeta and Marianna Ramentol, with Cebriana Matas Umbert, of Tiana and who inherited the Mas Matas to whom they went to live after the marriage. This branch of Alella will be extinguished towards the end of the 19th century due to lack of male offspring. The chronology of the owners of this Mas was as follows:

Cebriana Matas Umbert

(* 13 March 1747 – 13 May 1828)

Pere Barbeta Matas

(* 15 January 1783 – + 14 August 1832)

Married on 30 April 1803 with Francesca Monràs Cussó, daughter of Joan Baptista and Eulàlia.

On 22 May 1832 he made a will leaving his son Pere, two houses that he was building in Montgat and named his eldest son Miquel.


(* 25 September 1806 – + 17 November 1870)

Married to Rosa Rovira Bruguera, daughter of Josep i of Maria Teresa and, in second marriage on 24 February 1847 with Rosa Parer Bosch, daughter of Pau and Eulàlia, of Alella.

He made a testament on 16 November 1870 before the rector of the parish of Sant Joan de Montgat, Mn. Pere Fonoll, in which he names his son Antoni as his heir.


(* 11 February 1848 – + 5 February 1901)

Married to Antònia Castellà.


(* c. 1884 – + 18 February 1903)

Married to Aleix Sauri Muntal. He dictated testament on 28 January, 1903 leaving his husband and daughter heir.

A second branch of the Barbeta family

A second branch of the Barbeta family began in Tiana with the marriage between Pau, son of Jaume Barbeta and Maria Matas, and Antonia Campins Ribó, of Vallromanes, on 26 April 1815. This branch kept the surname Barbeta alive in this population until the second half of the 20th century. At present there is no surname Barbeta in Montgat.

The death of Salvador Barbeta Parer

Salvador Barbeta Parer, living in Tiana, went to visit his family in Alella from Australia, because of the Tracheal Tisis that he suffered and for which he finally died. Fear of dying from the disease, he made a will before a notary in the town of Vilassar de Mar.

Thank you

Our grateful thanks go to Jordi for his immense work on our behalf, and which could not have been done with out someone of his unique skillset and placement. He charged an incredibly moderate fee given the extensive work and revelations that he provided.


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