Santiago Joaquin Javier “Jamie” Parer y Xicola

Santiago Joaquin Javier “Jamie” Parer y Xicola, the seventh Parer brother whom we know very little about.

We know he was born on the 21 May 1842 in Alella and baptised the next day at San Felix, Alella, Catalonia. This baptismal information is very solid naming his parents and all grandparents by name and these correlate.

There are some that suggest he died in 1922 in Surrey Hills, Australia – though there is no indication from where this has been divined from. He certainly hadn’t arrived in Australia by 1887, if he came to Australia at all.

In the Illustrated history on the Parer Bros (above) there is mention of only 6 brothers. Santiago his would make it 7 – Joseph, Francis, Stephen, Johnny, Phillip and Antonio being the others. I suspect that Santiago died young in Alella and never journeyed to Australia.

We may need to check the church records and cemeteries at Alella to see if we can find records relating to his death in Alella.

Jordi Prats, the Archivist of the Parish of Alella, has done some incredible work on our family history recently and that includes resolving this mystery. Jordi has unique access to the records at the Alella church. We are thankful that the books which with our ancestral details included were hidden from the Franco regime to save them from destruction.

Santiago or Jaume Parer y Xicola, as he was known, the less talked about seventh brother, died on 12 February 1856 at the age of 13.

Jaume Parer (13 yo).JPG


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