Parer Hotels & Restaurants in Central Melbourne

Below is a list of known hotels and restaurants owned and operated by the Parers, Barbetas, Arenas, Clotas and Rubiras in central Melbourne. It is a work in progress and has information known at this time. The numbers correspond to the map numbers above.


Hotel or Restaurant Name Address Ownership Years
1. The Imperial Hotel 4 Bourke Street John Arthur Parer
Maggie Parer
2. Parer’s Crystal Café
(formerly Nissen’s Café)
198-200 Bourke Street
(Pre-1890 was 103 Bourke Street East)
Parer Brothers 1886-1950
3. The Duke de la Victoria
(Joined with the Temple of Pomona in 1875)
91, 93 Bourke Street
(95 Bourke Street)
Parer Brothers
Salvador Parer & Marcus Clota
4. Prince of Wales Hotel Bourke Street Eusebio Clota 1901-1903
5. Royal Mail Hotel 263 Swanston Street Francis Parer
John Arthur Parer
Michael Parer
6. Albion Hotel 292 Bourke Street Joseph Parer 1891-1892
7. Bull and Mouth Hotel 293 Bourke Street Rubira Family 1886-post WWI
8. The Spanish Restaurant & Victoria Baths
(later became Cole’s Book Arcade)
299 Bourke Street
(was 158 Bourke Street)
Estevan Parer & Martin Arenas
Augustus Barbeta
9. Rubira’s Café and Pie Shop 305-307 Bourke Street James Rubira 1891-1927
10. Bath’s Hotel & Hosie’s Turkish
Bathing Palace
(Renamed Barbeta’s Turkish Baths)
Bourke Street Barbeta Brothers 1884-1886
11. Royal Arcade Bourke Street 1883-1896
12. Exchange Hotel 255 Little Collins Street John A Parer & William Higgins 1890-1902
13. Gippsland Hotel Swanston Street John A Parer & William Higgins 1891-1911
14. Hosie’s Hotel 1-4 Elizabeth Street Augustus Barbeta & Michael Parer 1888-1898
15. John Bull Hotel 365 Little Collins Street James Rubira
Francis Rubira
Martin Arenas
16. London Hotel 15 Market Street (William Street) John A Parer & William Higgins 1887-1888
17. Old London Tavern 99 Elizabeth Street Francis Parer 1887-1888
18. Royal Arcade Hotel 303 Little Collins Street James Triado 1888-1892
19. Yarra Family Hotel 430 Flinders Street Michael Parer
Clota & Rahola
20. Temple Court Hotel 105 Queens Street Frederick Parer 1903
1888 - Bourke Street, north side between Russell and Swanston Streets showing Parer's Crystal Cafe at No. 103, The Melbourne Coffee Palace and the Wax Works-Labelled
1888 – Bourke Street, north side between Russell and Swanston Streets showing Parer’s Crystal Cafe at No. 103, Parer Brothers Hotel at No. 91 & 93, The Melbourne Coffee Palace and the Wax Work

Location complications

Street renumbering

There are many locational complications, not the least of which was the numbering of the streets in 1890. For instance Parer’s Crystal Café Hotel was 103 Bourke Street East, but this became 198-200 Bourke Street after the renumbering.


We know that The Duke de la Victoria in 1858 was originally several doors from its  position at 91, 93, 95 Bourke Street where it moved to in late February 1860, but whether that was up or down the street is currently unknown. We do know it was smaller. The Duke went through several expansions, sideways and to the rear. It also had signage and was advertised and referred to as Parer Brothers Parer’s Hotel.


The ownership proof is the key to the research in this field and most of this has been passed down from word of mouth and doesn’t necessarily come directly from the owners. Some information has become corroborated and refined from newspaper advertisements and articles. There is a future more laborious task that will involve title deed and sales searches through PROV to garnish more accurate information.


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