Family trees

My understanding of “being a Parer” has surrounded many aspects including: a pioneering spirit; a can-do attitude; family being integral to our way of life, not just immediate family, but the WHOLE family; an interest in photography; and an interest in the family tree.

Perhaps it is fitting that one of our first Australian immigrants from Alella to Montevideo then via ship on the ‘Telemacho’ to Sydney on the 29th May 1855 before settling in Melbourne, Josef Francisco Andreu (Joseph) Parer y Bosch pioneered the family tree fascination. He set out his understanding of the family tree as related to him by his father while he lived in Albert Park.

It was Josef who gave us his grandfathers name Anton Parer. Two pages from the original Josef family tree are attached, where he names in his own handwriting his grandfather Anton.

Josef's Family tree book-02

From these early roots, many relatives have taken up the baton from Bernard Parer, Gonza and Andree Shiel, John G Parer, Michael S Parer and Nina Ingwersen to Caroline and Shelly Kelly. Our family tree has for many moons had Anton as the father of Antonio. Recent information suggests that they are the same person.


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